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The Engineering and Technology Center
of Feed Additives of Chinese Chemical Industry
    For the promotion of the development of the feed industry in our country, the former Chemical Ministry established the Engineering and Technology Center of Feed Additives of Chinese Chemical Industry relied on Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province in 1985. The center is the unique specialized feed additives research institution in China. The business scope includes scientific research, engineering development, products development, market expansion, information consult, etc. The center has undertaken the investigation, research and planning of the national feed additives trade for many times. More than 40 scientific research subjects at provincial and ministerial levels and national levels have been completed successively, and 8th “Five-Year-Plan” national projects have been undertaken. More than twenty products, which filled in the national gaps, have put into market. The national feed additives information corporative network, which was sponsored and organized by the center, has combined more than 500 units which spread all over the country, and has cooperated and exchanged with enterprises and scientific research institution of the United States, Japan, Germany, France and Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc.
    The center will stress on developing new green feed additives which have proprietary intellectual property rights and perspectiveness. Moreover the center will try to top in scientific research, engineering development and products service etc at home and surpass advanced world level.
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